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Calling for Teen Volunteers!

The library needs young adults and adults ages 13 and up to serve as volunteers. Please speak to any staff member if you are interested in volunteering. Applications are available at all library locations or download an application here! Print it out, fill it out and drop it by the library.


Teen Websites

College Information

College & Careers

FastWeb-scholarship searches

My college guide

Scholarship help

Teen Ink


Career Information

Career Zone

Change Maker Game

A Guide to the Business of Babysitting

The Mint-manage money & increase savings

Online Library Science Degree Programs Guide


Computer Skills

The Banner Generator

Color Maker

Computer Science Student Network (CS2N) - CS2N has easy and fun activities designed to help you learn how to program

Table Maker


Educational Game

Mayan Mysteries! Travel through history and discover artifacts, decode glyphs, visit ancient Maya cities, explore the Maya calendar, and more in this exciting educational journey for 5-9th graders. This puzzle-based game combines in-depth study of the fascinating Maya civilization with activities that test reading comprehension, geographical knowledge, and math skills. Uncover the adventure of Mayan Mysteries!


Financial Lessons for Teens 13-18

Investing: A list of common types of investments and risk assessments.

Teen Years: Investing lesson for teens.

Business & Money: A five part tutorial for establishing a budget.

Compound Interest: Calculating Compound Interest and Annual Percentage Yield lesson.

Kids Money: A list of moneymaking ideas from parents and ideas.

Summer Jobs: Several types of summer jobs for kids such as traditional and high tech jobs,

It's Just a Balancing Act: A newsletter just for teens with instructions for balancing a checkbook.

Credit Cards: This article provides seven tips on credit cards


Financial Lessons for College Students

Know the Facts: 10 tips for credit cards and guidance for understanding where your money is going.

Credit Score: A credit score organizer lesson.

Credit Card Tips: College students can learn how to make credit cards work for them with this lesson.

Student Loans: Great information for managing student loans.

ABC's: Budgeting basics for college students.

A secure Retirement: 10 modules for students to plan for retirement.

Stock and Bonds: The basics of stocks and bonds over a lifetime.

Beginner Investors: An in-depth page dedicated to beginner investors.

Investing Lessons: 11 essential investing lesson units.

Personal Finance: Advanced lessons on mutual fund, stocks and bonds, Roth's, and retirement.


Homework Help

Guide To Library Research (Choosing A Topic)

Internet Public Library Teen Space (Research & Writing Help)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Science Fair Project help

On-Line Dictionary

On-Line Practice Tests


Readers' Advisory

The Bookdragon

Bram Stoker Awards

Children and Young Adult book series listed in order

Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award

For fantasy/scifi books

Guys Read

Mystery Books

Teens Read Too

The Webrary

YALSA's Booklists and Book Awards page

Young Hoosier Book Award


Recommended Books For Grades 7-12

Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade Recommended Reading List in Title Order

7th Grade Recommended Summer Reading

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade Recommended Reading List in Title Order

8th Grade Recommended Summer Reading

Ninth Grade


Ninth Grade Recommended Reading List

Tenth Grade


Tenth Grade Recommended Reading List

Eleventh Grade


Recommended High School Reading List for Grade 11

Twelfth Grade

Recommended High School Reading List for Grade 12

Twelfth Grade Recommended Reading List


Current Events/Music/Design

Archive of Misheard Lyrics

Kids Think Design

Online NewsHour Extra: News For Students

Presidents of the United States

UNICEF/Voices of youth