Jackson County
Public Library

Our Mission: To help you Connect, Learn, and Grow

Volunteer Opportunities

Adopt a shelf or shelves and straighten the materials on a regular basis. Be responsible for keeping them in library classification order by shelf reading the books in your area.

After-School Homework Help
Assist children in grades 1-8 with homework assignments on weekday afternoons. Assist high school or college students with their subjects.

Book Review
Read a library book of your choice and write a book review that will be posted on the library’s Read a Good Book blog.

Cleaning Crew
Be responsible for cleaning board books, picture books, plastic toys, puzzles, and trains.

Odds and Ends
Assist with changing the outdoor sign, gathering the bookdrop for the checkout desk, cleaning books to be relabeled and other duties.

Pick-up Time
Assist in straightening the Seymour Library’s Kidz Korner after programs or in the afternoon. Other tasks include picking up loose books and materials and stocking scrap paper and pencils at the computers.

Reading Buddies
Teen volunteers are matched with younger children. The volunteer and student take turns reading to each other at the library for short periods of time. This program is primarily active in the summer months.

Special Projects and Events
Volunteers will be assigned a specific project for special programs and events, requiring a short-term or one-time commitment. Special projects and events could include, but are not limited to, preparing Christmas ornaments for Main Street’s Downtown Christmas event; providing directional assistance for large programs or other library events and assisting with room set-up and serving refreshments.

Summer Reading Program
Volunteers will help register customers for the summer reading program and issue prizes. Other tasks may include preparing and organizing prizes, folding brochures and cutting out coupons.


Tech Volunteers
Teens and adults will be trained to assist customers with computers and databases in the library.

Technical Volunteers for Local History & Genealogy
Assist with scanning or editing local history photos, working on databases of local history or genealogy information, or helping with programs.


Click here to download a Library volunteer application, fill it out and drop it by any JCPL location.